Ghostwalker (The Chronicles of Zanthora: Book One) by Ben Cassidy


Length: 230 pages
Genre: Fantasy

Cover art: The cover art does not do justice to the story. It is, though, representative of the setting of the story (Howling Woods) and one of the many weapons that Kendril carries with him. Without reading the description, I figured it took place in the 1800’s or early 1900’s in the United States. Boy was I wrong! It takes place in the fantasy world of Zanthora. Also, the cover would have been even better had it captured Kendril’s essence- his “animal ferocity” and “supernatural” quickness.

Synopsis: Kendril, a ghostwalker, takes a shortcut with his mule, Simon, only to be ambushed by a lone bandit. After he disposes of the bandit, he unties the damsel in distress who was kidnapped and injured and wakes up with amnesia. Thus begins the story!

Kendril and Jade (the damsel) embark on a journey to the nearest outpost in the hopes that someone there would know who she was. Once they arrive at the outpost, Maklavir befriends Jade and joins the group as they fight and evade the kidnappers. Their hope is to lose the kidnappers in the forest, but since no one knows how to hide their tracks, they fail miserably. Before the kidnappers can recapture Jade, though, a team of bandits (which reminded me of Robin Hood and his merry men) captures Kendril, Makalvir, and Jade. Fortunately, they are rescued before anything bad happens to them and Jade remembers who she is! Go Jade!

My thoughts: At first, I though Simon was a person with the way Kendril talked with him. Then, a few pages in, I discovered Simon was a mule. The author did a good job of continuing Simon’s personality throughout the story. I did find one error in the book that I reported to the author, so Nazi grammars, you should be okay. This is an easy read with no bad language or sexual activity and, in my opinion, would be appropriate for teens and older.

Rating: 3.5 stars

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