Escape, A New Life by David Antocci

Product Details

Length: 315 pages
Genre: Action/Adventure, Thriller

Synopsis: Abby wakes up and has no recollection of how she came to be on a white-sand beach (and island). She neither sees nor hears indication of a human presence until she hears a voice. That’s when she notices a person offshore and goes out to rescue him. Both she and Eric, the man she rescues, do not know what happened in the previous days and months of their lives. As they explore the island, they come across three men and three women- stranded like themselves- and Robert, a hermit. The book tells the story of how Abby and Eric survive on the island where anything goes, violence and death included, and how they attempt to escape and how they finally do escape the island. (I can understand how other reviewers have called it a cross between Hunger Games and Lost)

Cover Art: I am not sure what to make of the cover. Before starting the book, the art and title make me think someone is tied up and/or being held hostage in a cell or outbuilding. The smoke or mist behind the knife has me stumped, but the far left portion slightly resembles a skull. I like the script used for the “escape” on top ESCAPE.

Now that I have read the book, the cover does have more meaning to me. The smoke and knife are definitely relevant to the story (but I won’t reveal the relevance; you will find out pretty quickly, though). It would have been nice to see the island somehow shown on the cover. The island is the location where almost all of the action takes place. But if I look at it that way, there should have been a person on the cover, too. All in all, the cover was well done; I just wish there had been more to it.

My thoughts: The beginning of the book definitely grabs your attention as it starts with Abby regaining consciousness. What I don’t understand is how “She realized that she was hearing rain beat down all around her” but she never seemed to feel any rain on her. The story does not indicate she was in a sheltered location, so, she must have been very lucky to not get rained on.

The writing, and dialog, was choppy at times and there were some inconsistencies and grammatical errors, but the book did hold my attention all the way through.

Parents: There is some sexual activity in the latter part of the book so beware.

Rating: 2 stars. I lowered my rating a full star for the inconsistencies and grammatical errors.

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