Yeager’s Law by Scott Bell

Jack Reacher, watch out! Abel Yeager is in the house!

Length: 266 pages
Genre: Thriller

Synopsis: Abel Yeager is a former US Marine, down on his luck, who drives a truck for a living. Instead of driving for a trucking company (which actually pays pretty good), he purchases his own truck and is barely making ends meet.

The story starts with us meeting Yeager just outside of Judsonia, Arkansas. Almost immediately, the action starts! He pulls into a rest stop and is followed by Humberto Cruz and his henchmen, who try and hijack Yeager’s truck. But, before the henchmen can get away with the truck, Yeager comes out of the restroom and takes on the would-be hijackers. He disables everyone near his truck, but it turns out Humberto was still in the car.

Enter Charlie. Charlie is a bookstore owner on her way to St. Louis to look at remainder books. The odd thing is that her ex-husband referred her to the warehouse in St. Louis. She pulls into the Arkansas rest stop, only to find Yeager at the business end of a handgun. We find that she carries a Smith & Wesson in her purse. What a lady! She prevents Humberto from shooting Yeager and off go Humberto and his henchman.

The hijackers don’t give up and follow Yeager as he drops off his load of copper and heads back to Texas with a load of remainder books bound for Charlie’s bookstore. During this trip, we find that another group (and Charlie’s ex) is after the pallets of books in Yeager’s truck. Two groups of bad guys, Charlie’s ex, one truck full of remainder books, Yeager and Charlie. That should be enough, right? Wrong.

And on goes the story. More Jack Reacher-esque action, more shoot ’em up scenes, more greed…

Cover Art: Hmmm… Yeager’s Peterbilt is red. The truck in the picture doesn’t look red to me. But, I must say, I like the sunset/sunrise backdrop and how the road is ‘angled’. It’s also nice that the cover shows action instead of looking posed. The cover is representative of the book since the book revolves so much around the truck.

My Thoughts: Scott Bell is an author to watch; there is no doubt about it! There is rarely a dull moment in this novel, and Abel Yeager reminded me of Jack Reacher (Lee Child). Fans of Lee Child should definitely relish reading this book.

With all the characters in the book, it can get a little confusing at times if you are not able to read the book in one setting or at least in consecutive days. Or, it’s not confusing and you can chalk it up to my faulty memory for getting the people mixed up once or twice before Yeager gets the books dropped off at Charlie’s.

Rating: 4 stars

disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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