The Unlikely Adventures of Race & Cookie McCloud by Tom Hoefner

Genre: Adventure/Comedy
Length: 112 pages, 111 pages, and 111 pages

Synopsis: This is another review where I am using the official blurb for the books. It’s worded so much better than I could do and also gives you a feel for the writing style of the serial tale.

“A superhero with anger management issues! A living stone idol with a love for pop-culture trivia! Fist-pumping vampires! These are but a few of the nefarious (and ridiculous) challenges facing awful private investigator Race McCloud and his teenaged niece, all-star spy-in-training Cookie McCloud, as they scour the globe in search of their missing secret agent family. Stuck together by Cookie’s parents under the pretense of ‘babysitting’ (who is sitting for whom is left largely unclarified), the pair find themselves the target of special forces who are out to capture Cookie and KILL RACE! With nowhere left to turn, they seek the aid of Green Suit Jacket Man, the night-stalking vigilante that Race has been hunting for six months and that Cookie finds in one night. With the hero’s reluctant support, the dysfunctional duo are off! To find Cookie’s parents, spies of a Bond-ian sort! To find Margolis McCloud, a tomb-raiding treasure hunter! To find Nyte McCloud, a monster slayer and practitioner of badassery! Through it all, our two heroes must figure out why the military is so hellbent on capturing Cookie, how to act like partners and, most of all, how to be a family.”

Cover Art: If only you could have seen me when I was looking at the cover for Awkward Introductions! I’m sitting there going, I wonder how many of the arms and hands are duplicates… So, I have the cover up on my tablet, turning the tablet around to see which ones are repeats. Kept me busy for a little bit. LOL. The second and third covers weren’t quite as intriguing in that sense. But, I will say, the covers fit the style of the books.

My Thoughts: The feel of the books was like a cartoon on paper instead of on the TV or movie screen. They were fun reads, but not quite what I enjoy. They did not hold my attention for long periods of time- but again, this is not a style of book I typically read.

You have your heroes, Race and Cookie, who so do not want to be stuck with each other. The first book introduces you to Race and Cookie, along with the Perfect Academy (and what its goal is) and Green Suit Jacket Man (can’t decide if I like him or not- he’s kind of arrogant). This book does end on a cliffhanger as the unlikely adventurers are in search of Nyte McCloud. Thankfully the author gave me all three books!

The second book continues right where the first one left off and the duo finishes searching for Nyte. Once they get back to Green Suit Jacket Man’s lair, they decide to next search for Margolis McCloud. This journey takes them to South America where they meet a living, stone statue who wears glasses. This statue is one of my favorite characters from this tale. This book ends with a cliffhanger, so on to book #3!

This book follows right along, as if there is no gap between it and the previous book. Cookie and Race finish the mission and once again head back to GSJM’s lair. What’s next? Now it’s time to search for and rescue Cookie’s parents! But where will they find her parents? Perfect Island, of course! I’m not going to spoil your fun of finding out where Perfect Island is, but know this, you find out in book 1.

I overlooked the words where spaces were omitted between them because I understand that formatting can cause some issues. But, there were spots where words were missing or there was an extra word that missed being deleted.

Notes: This serial tale is good for people young at heart, whether you are 8 years old or 88 years old.

Rating: 3 stars, but remember, this is not a style of book I typically read. If you do enjoy this type of book, then I can see your rating being higher.

disclaimer: I received copies of all three books in exchange for an honest review

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