Yeager’s Law by Scott Bell

Jack Reacher, watch out! Abel Yeager is in the house!

Length: 266 pages
Genre: Thriller

Synopsis: Abel Yeager is a former US Marine, down on his luck, who drives a truck for a living. Instead of driving for a trucking company (which actually pays pretty good), he purchases his own truck and is barely making ends meet.

The story starts with us meeting Yeager just outside of Judsonia, Arkansas. Almost immediately, the action starts! He pulls into a rest stop and is followed by Humberto Cruz and his henchmen, who try and hijack Yeager’s truck. But, before the henchmen can get away with the truck, Yeager comes out of the restroom and takes on the would-be hijackers. He disables everyone near his truck, but it turns out Humberto was still in the car.

Enter Charlie. Charlie is a bookstore owner on her way to St. Louis to look at remainder books. The odd thing is that her ex-husband referred her to the warehouse in St. Louis. She pulls into the Arkansas rest stop, only to find Yeager at the business end of a handgun. We find that she carries a Smith & Wesson in her purse. What a lady! She prevents Humberto from shooting Yeager and off go Humberto and his henchman.

The hijackers don’t give up and follow Yeager as he drops off his load of copper and heads back to Texas with a load of remainder books bound for Charlie’s bookstore. During this trip, we find that another group (and Charlie’s ex) is after the pallets of books in Yeager’s truck. Two groups of bad guys, Charlie’s ex, one truck full of remainder books, Yeager and Charlie. That should be enough, right? Wrong.

And on goes the story. More Jack Reacher-esque action, more shoot ’em up scenes, more greed… Continue reading

The Death Mask by Tom Raimbault

Length: 183 pages
Genre: Horror, Mystery/Thriller, Supernatural

Synopsis: The official blurb is:
“Young and beautiful Amber had a simple wish; she only wanted to meet her soul mate, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Lucky for Amber, she has a special gift which makes everything she wishes for come true.

But having this dream come true was tagged with a price. Her husband, Michael, had a death mask made of his late wife, Linsey. It was developed into a statue head, painted to replicate Linsey’s coloring and included her long, beautiful hair. Now a mystical relic that grants Michael and his disabled daughter, Paulette, the power of clairvoyance, the thing torments Amber throughout the years of her marriage.

But maybe Linsey has good reason. Maybe her family needs to be warned of the dangerous newcomer, Amber.” Continue reading

Walk in the Flesh by Peter Bailey

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Length: 220 pages
Genre: Science Fiction/Thriller

Synopsis:  Nanotechnology. An Assassin. A woman. What more can you ask for?

Neil was chosen as the perfect human (read: assassin) for ¬†experimental nanotechnology and they successfully inserted his personality/memories into different host bodies depending on what his mission was. The book starts with his mission in Iran and as he goes to destroy the evidence (his body) after the mission is done, he doesn’t quite succeed and a severed head is left behind. No worries, though. He was able to upload all the information and was placed into another host body for the next mission. This continues throughout the book as it alternates between him and his ‘handlers’ and Ariana.

Ariana, a pathologist, is given the severed head so she can try and discover why the host body’s personality changed. What caused him to act the way he did? Was it a tumor? Instead, she finds a mass that she cannot at first identify. As she continues examining the mass, it exhibits unusual behaviors and properties. During this period, we are made aware of changes in how society treats women by what happens to her and what she witnesses. None of it fun.

Ariana catches the attention of Neil’s handlers and Neil’s next mission is her. Is he to kill her or not? I’ll leave that for you to find out… Continue reading

Escape, A New Life by David Antocci

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Length: 315 pages
Genre: Action/Adventure, Thriller

Synopsis: Abby wakes up and has no recollection of how she came to be on a white-sand beach (and island).¬†She neither sees nor hears indication of a human presence until she hears a voice. That’s when she notices a person offshore and goes out to rescue him. Both she and Eric, the man she rescues, do not know what happened in the previous days and months of their lives. As they explore the island, they come across three men and three women- stranded like themselves- and Robert, a hermit. Continue reading