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Gingerbread by Victor Davis

Genre: Definitely not a bedtime story
Length: 32 pages

Synopsis: Do you take the dare or not? That’s what Arainy had to decide. Did she want to stay the good girl who followed all the rules? Or did she want to go with Eddie and break in to the candy factory?

Arainy chooses to take the dare, and after dinner, she and Eddie sneak in to the candy factory. All those sweets and temptations! They find candy canes and taffy and gingerbread and so much more! So much they can indulge in! The gingerbread brings back happy memories for Arainy as she digs in and stuffs herself.

After a little bit, the Candy Man makes an appearance and tries to catch them. The two try to escape, but Eddie gets caught. Here is where the story gets interesting and a little freaky. Arainy offers to take Eddie’s place and the punishment.

Cover Art: My first impression of the cover was what is it? Is it the scent of gingerbread wafting up and forming a face? Does one of the characters look like that? Was the smiley face intentional or unintentional (do you see it?)? I’ll let you know after I’ve read this short story. Be right back!

Hmmm… Think I might need the author’s take on the cover. This is part of what I emailed:  I figure [the cover’s] probably not the scent of gingerbread wafting into the air making designs and smiley faces. This is how he responded:

“Haha. I’m a terrible artist. I went through a period years ago where I tried to get better. That’s a charcoal sketch (one of the better ones) I found in one of my journals. After writing the story and looking around for cover art, it jumped out at me. So, yes, I guess it is intended to be a representation of the Candy Man, but the picture has existed long before the story.”

I’m glad he has a sense of humor. 🙂

My Thoughts:  I read this story before bed. I’m thinking that might not have been such a good idea; I didn’t sleep very well. Someone, please remind me not to do that again!

The story is well written and leaves room for interpretation- especially about how Arainy is punished. It was kind of freaky not knowing for sure what happened to her.

Notes: This is a dark retelling of Peter Rabbit.

Rating: 3.5 stars

disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review