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The 6th Horseman (The Extremist Edge Series: Part 1) by Anderson Atlas

It leaves you wanting more…

Genre: Science Fiction/Horror
Length: 388 pages

Note: I am not your normal reader of zombie books, so realize my rating could be lower than what other reviewers would give this book.

Synopsis: What would you do if you were dissatisfied with your life? How far would you go? What if you were given the opportunity of a lifetime or the opportunity for revenge? Would you take the opportunity or say no because it sounded too good to be true?

The characters in this book must deal with the consequences of the choices they made regarding those opportunities. Ian, Ben, Isabella, Tanis, Hana, Markus. Each made the decision to say yes. Each was as much victim as instigator. The book follows them through New York City and beyond as they deal with death (and zombies) all around them and as they search for survivors of the virus. Follow them as they discover who Zilla really is (I didn’t figure it out until the characters did!) and work their way to the new ‘Eden’.

Cover Art: I’m not so keen on this cover, but that is MY personal taste and has nothing to do with the actual drawing. It makes me think more horror than what is really in the book or, at least, more graphic violence. It makes me shiver to look at it. The cover also makes me think ‘sick and twisted.’ And I just realized, that’s a pretty apt description of Zilla. LOL. With that said, I am a fan of Anderson’s art. You should take a look at some of the other drawings he has done!

My Thoughts: I typically do not read books with zombies (or zombie-like creatures) in them. In fact, one of the first zombie books I read was by accident. Yes, by accident. This time, it was intentional. But, I must say, it was so much more than a ‘zombie’ book. It was almost as if the zombies were an afterthought. Yes, there were zombies everywhere, and there was interaction with the zombies. But, the main characters fascinated me. I wanted to know what made them tick. Why did they do the things they did? I suppose that if you are a zombie person, the zombies would fascinate you more than the main characters.

I did find it intriguing how the zombies evolved over the course of the novel. At first, they were pretty mindless and did what zombies do. Then, you see that they do have intelligence and can learn and set traps. This makes for an interesting spin in the book and has you wondering how much these zombies will learn over time.

While I was reading the book, I decided to look up Swindler Cove and some of the other places that are mentioned in the book. I wasn’t sure whether they really existed or not. Well, they do exist. To me, it just made the story that much more real knowing the places really are in New York City and not just in someone’s imagination.

P.S. Swindler Cove is definitely worth a look (Sherman Creek Park). And, I am looking forward to reading the sequel!

Rating: 3.5 stars

disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

The Descendants (Evolution of Angels Book 2) by Nathan Wall

Genre: Science Fiction, Supernatural, Thriller
Length: 220 pages

Notes: Normally I put the notes near the very end of my review, but I felt it necessary to place it near the beginning for this book. Why, you ask? The author notes that the universe he created was originally going to come alive in the form of a comic book. I do not know how much of that comic book feel he put into this book, but I’m thinking there was just enough to bug me. It doesn’t matter if there are fun characters and action; I just cannot stay focused on reading the book. I don’t know if it is the writing style or what, but it quite possibly influenced my rating some.

If you like angels and supernatural beings, you could easily like this book. So please, don’t let my review influence you that much, if at all.

Synopsis: Emma Brighton and Jonas Reid are in for a wild ride involving some not-so-human beings. The stage is set in the prologue when Emma and Jonas are injured by the Ourea (an elemental knight) when they were at a murder scene investigating the death of a teenage girl. Fast forward three years. Emma and Jonas are no longer investigating crimes; instead, they are looking for explanations and the Ourea they met in the past. Nobody had believed them in the past, but present events back up their story of something inhuman visiting (and possibly living on) earth. Unfortunately, Jonas stops making appearances in the book (you will find out why when you read the book). So, continuing with Emma, her story intersects with the Ourea (Athos) once again, while at the same time she is interacting with “Descendants.” But this time, Athos teams up with Emma so that he can save his creator and father, Zeus. Continue reading

The Quantum Door by Jonathan Ballagh

Hold on to your hats for a quantum ride!

Length: 294 pages (paperback)
Genre: Science Fiction

Synopsis: Brady and Felix are two brothers whose lives will forever change when they venture over the chain link fence that surrounds the neighboring property. The No Trespassing signs posted along the fence are like neon lights saying, ‘Look over here!’ What twelve-year-old boy (Felix) could resist that temptation? And what about the blue lights Felix is sure he saw?

Felix and his older brother, Brady, send in a drone to explore the property, and the drone is inexplicably knocked out of the air. This is when we start getting introduced to the unusual cast of characters which includes Nova, Achilles (my favorite), Thorn, and Nyx. And that’s just on this side of the quantum door. And the boys still don’t know what the quantum door is!

Just wait until you check out the other side!

Cover Art: The cover and inside illustrations were done by Ben J. Adams (check him out at benjadams.com). My favorite illustration of them all is the one below, of Achilles. I just want to meet him and touch him! Doesn’t he just glow?


Back to the cover art! I’m one of those people who prefers more color on my books. Bold, contrasting colors tend to catch my attention the most. That being said, this cover still does a good job and has an otherworldly, eerie feel to it. It captures the essence of the first part of the book quite nicely.

My Thoughts: For some reason, I am finding it difficult to form my thoughts into words and sentences. So, if my thoughts seem a little abrupt and don’t flow from sentence to sentence, that’s why. Oh, my very first thought when I read the title was Schrödinger’s Cat!

I found the book entertaining and well written. The landscapes and characters were easy to picture in my mind (but I wish there had been a few more illustrations). I thought the author did a really good job giving personalities to the various characters like AJ, Achilles, and Thorn. But, I felt that the main characters could have been developed a little more than they were. You don’t need to know science to enjoy this book, which can be good or bad. There is science introduced and science used, don’t get me wrong, but I think the author could have taken advantage of the opportunity to teach readers a little bit more. In my opinion, it’s never too early to get kids interested in science and math.

Notes: This book is aimed at younger readers (10-14), but older readers can certainly find it entertaining and worth a read.

Rating: 4 stars

disclaimer: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Walk in the Flesh by Peter Bailey

Product Details

Length: 220 pages
Genre: Science Fiction/Thriller

Synopsis:  Nanotechnology. An Assassin. A woman. What more can you ask for?

Neil was chosen as the perfect human (read: assassin) for  experimental nanotechnology and they successfully inserted his personality/memories into different host bodies depending on what his mission was. The book starts with his mission in Iran and as he goes to destroy the evidence (his body) after the mission is done, he doesn’t quite succeed and a severed head is left behind. No worries, though. He was able to upload all the information and was placed into another host body for the next mission. This continues throughout the book as it alternates between him and his ‘handlers’ and Ariana.

Ariana, a pathologist, is given the severed head so she can try and discover why the host body’s personality changed. What caused him to act the way he did? Was it a tumor? Instead, she finds a mass that she cannot at first identify. As she continues examining the mass, it exhibits unusual behaviors and properties. During this period, we are made aware of changes in how society treats women by what happens to her and what she witnesses. None of it fun.

Ariana catches the attention of Neil’s handlers and Neil’s next mission is her. Is he to kill her or not? I’ll leave that for you to find out… Continue reading